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Are We Ready To Jump Into 4K?
Oct 25, 2018

How much importance is desktop 4K for a photographer?

When we talk about photographic equipment, we are always talking about the pixel of the sensor and the resolution of the lens, but we ignore the final thing before our eyes -- the image on the display.No wonder, since 1080p Full HD standard resolution took off seven or eight years ago, there hasn't been much improvement in display resolution.Apple led a batch of 2k (2560 x 1440) displays in the last two years, but the improvement relative to 1080p is relatively limited, and the improvement in resolution has caused a series of problems, and eventually the penetration rate in the market is not very optimistic.

Due to various factors, 2K resolution may eventually be a transitional standard

So is a higher resolution display necessary for users of photography?If it is just a simple redrawing, it does not seem necessary.But when it comes to viewing pictures, the high resolution screen is hard to compare to the low resolution screen.Users who have been using electronics a little longer will probably remember the shock of seeing images on apple's new Retina display on consumer-grade devices -- the more delicate the screen, the more likely it is to achieve the print texture.

Screen is taken contrast

Of course, even with a 4K screen, there's still some distance between the display and the Retina iPad/iPhone.Most people can afford 28" 4k displays, for example. Even with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, the actual ppi is only 157 -- not far from the 263ppi of the apple Air, let alone the 346ppi of the iPad mini2/3.But because computer monitors, especially large ones, are far more usable than phones and tablets, according to apple's formula:

The normal viewing distance shown in 4k is about 80cm, and the diagonal of the 28" display is about 71cm. Calculations can be made to actually within that distance, which is actually about 120ppi to meet the Retina screen standard.At this point, the actual ppi of 1080p screen of the same size was only 78.5, and the naked eye seemed to have a certain sense of particle.While 2k screens such as HKC T7000, with a ppi value of 117, have just reached the lower limit of the Retina Retina display and can still detect the sense of particles for users with relatively good vision.

Voice-over: what is 4K?

4K Resolution is an emerging digital film and digital content Resolution standard.The name comes from its horizontal resolution of about 4,000 pixels, a standard common in the film industry that includes Full Aperture 4k (4096 x 3112) and Academy 4k (3656 x 2664).The standard used for home 4K TVS and computer monitors is 3840 by 2160, which is exactly four times that of 1080p, to take care of 16:9 image scale and compatibility with 1080p (1920 by 1080) resolution.

In addition to the advantages of viewing images in 4K resolution, the greater advantage is that more Windows and pages can be placed on the same screen to facilitate the photographer's workflow.In addition, when browsing in the Bridge, multiple images can be displayed without affecting the clarity of each image.For photographers who prefer not to use Lightroom but are accustomed to photoshop, this is a great convenience.

PS+Bridge can realize the fine adjustment of PS as well as the convenience of Lightroom

On the 1080p screen, using the same window layout, we can see that the actual usable area is much smaller, and the number of images that can be managed at the same time is also greatly reduced.

To be honest, I've had a hard time getting back to my 1080p screen after working in 4K for a while.

Of course, the benefits of 4K resolution on multi-core software can extend to web browsing -- opening four pages at the same time without compromising the reading experience can be a great convenience for photographers to work with a gallery.The font size is quite comfortable and doesn't affect reading at all -- you can imagine the screen in front of you as four ipads in a row of 2 x 2.

Of course, there have been other improvements, as many software toolbars have shrunk to make room for photographers.But one possibility is that the tool will be hard to click on -- though a higher-resolution mouse will help alleviate the problem.

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